Roxanne Charette

Roxanne Charette is originally from Montreal Canada. She recorded her first single at the age of 7.

Roxanne recording her first single

Roxanne recording her first single

She began performing at all major  festivals, special events, major TV/radio shows throughout Quebec. While studying in a theatre group performing all the way to Paris as an exchange student, she learned to play the guitar and studied music theory and voice training.

At the age of 18, the seasoned performer left Montreal and over the next few years toured everywhere in Canada  from New Brunswick to North West Territories for the Eskimos and all the way to the Yukon. In the course of her road experience she became an accomplished drummer and learned to speak English.

Roxanne has recorded 5 albums in French and 4 albums in English. She was a special

Roxanne Charette Albums

A few of Roxanne’s albums

guest for  the 350th Anniversary of Montreal musical concert.  She had her own float at the annual Montreal St-Jean Baptise Parade where she represented country music for the province of Quebec which is the equivalent of the Macy’s Day Parade in America.  She has won numerous competitions and awards in Canada including “Best female singer “,  from the Academie of Quebec Country Music and won “Best female country singer of the province of Quebec” a 13 week televised, judged show  all across Canada similar to American Idol.

Roxanne Charette with Shania Twain

Roxanne Charette with Shania Twain

In 1995 Roxanne moved to the USA to Phoenix AZ where she sang at most major venues. She was on stage for several months with the big production “My Country USA” at the London Bridge Theatre  Lake Havasu where she was drumming and singing.

She joined others big named entertainers like Martina McBride, Diamond Rio and Vince Gill at the Country Music Fan Fest in Las Vegas at the MGM GRAND, Fan Fest in Los Angeles and FAN FAIR in Nashville.

Roxanne lived in Nashville, Tn for about 16 yrs  where she recorded 3 of her albums. Including, “Your Love Whisper” which reached #4 and #9 on the charts.

She has been involved in several projects, including translating and singing a full 10 songs children CD/BOOK  “Tina Tickle-ini, giggles and goosebumples”. She’s been performing as a singer and drummer in different bands at top hip venues like the Wildhorse Saloon and Sambuca.

One of Roxanne’s favorite musical projects was a 2-CD French/English album called “Double Vision” a duo made with her best friend Didi. It brought them to be performed at the Famous Popcom in Berlin and Amsterdam.

They now have a wonderful, fun, great live show called “LADIES OF THE 70’S”.  During their performances, their audience loves hearing them sing all the best songs of the greatest ladies from that decade!!

Listen to Roxanne and Didi’s “Ladies of the 70’s” Demo below:


For about 6 full years, Roxanne traveled around the world and visited over 21 countries performing, entertaining on cruise ships. P&O in Australia and the surrounding islands, the luxury WINDSTAR cruise line sailing through the Mediterranean /Baltic/ Caribbean Islands/ French Polynesian Islands, and her recent last voyage was on a riverboat cruise Fleet Pro navigating all along the St-Lawrence River across USA and Canada including the 5 Great Lakes.

Roxanne has always been a huge Carpenters fan, she also has that soft low rich tone voice and she always sang all the Carpenters songs in the same original keys which is why people would so often tell her she sounds like Karen Carpenter.

So, her latest project is very close to her heart and she is fulfilling a long time dream by doing a CARPENTERS TRIBUTE and singing the timeless, beautiful music of this fantastic duo.

In Florida, many theaters  are welcoming and loving her Tribute to the Carpenters show and her “Ladies of the 70’s” show.

Roxanne has another passion… she teaches Drama and enjoys directing the musicals for 6-7-8- grade students.

Roxanne has all the qualities of a true professional, experienced singer, performer and entertainer, that’s true, but it is her beautiful soul, her love for life and sense of humor that will capture your heart.

Contact Roxanne now to perform her Karen Carpenter Tribute Show.

Roxanne tells fans how she got started in the Music Industry: