Carpenters Tribute and Turk dancers

Hope all is well in your world! I ‘m in Bodrum Turkey ,it is hot here too! I did my show in Kusadasi ,Turkey and also performing on the ship were awesome talented Turk dancers and a fabulous belly dancer ,wow!

Feeling hot hot hot!

Hi everybody,I’m melting away…Greece is so hot!!!! but so different and beautiful,white buildings,blue roofs,old ruins and spectacular sunsets! I got to swim in the turquoise water and enjoyed fresh yummy octopus and got to visit the famous Parthenon in Athens! just like the one they copied from Nashville!! LOL!

Singing the Carpenters songs…

Changing my blonde curls into straight black hair for my Karen Carpenter Tribute .My last 2 shows were in Calvi Corsica and in Lipari Italy,wow people were really into the songs ,like”Yesterday once more” and “Top of the world” they were singing every words!!!! Those songs were such huge hits!! Making our ways to Greece […]

Having a blast!

Hi !! Time flies when you’re having a blast ! Europe is so amazing ,so much history,forts and churches!!! we saw big fireworks and ate my favorite desert “milles-feuilles” in Cannes and darn …I didn’t win at the Monte Carlo Casino but I hiked in gorgeous romantic Portofino!

Singing and enjoying pesto in Portovenere, Italy

Did I say how much I love Italy? My show was is Portovenere this week and it is just so beautiful!! The colorful buildings,the people,the wine,the gelato and most of all the fresh homemade pesto !! Delicious!! To die for!!!

My first Carpenters Tribute show on the Windstar

Hello everyone,hope you are enjoying your summer! I’ m on the Windstar ship in the Mediterranean and the weather is fantastic! Well I did my first show “Tribute to the Carpenters” last night in Sorrento Italy and I’m very happy to say it went sooooo well,great response from the audience! and to make things better […]

Cruising Again

Hi everybody!! I’m so excited for my next contract coming up in August!! I’m going back on the sea in the Mediterranean on the luxury yacht cruise ship Windstar!